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Trinity and Divinity of Jesus

The debate over the Trinity started relatively late in Christian history. It was not until the fourth century that many theologia...


Bible is the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity also revered by Muslims, who as an article faith are required to believe in all the prophets and scriptures. 'The word 'Bible' is derived from Greek biblos (“book”) can be compared with byblos (“Papyrus”: The writing material of ancient times and also the plant from which it was derived). In the fifth century, name ‘Bible’ began to be given to the entire collection of sacred books, the “Library of Divine Revelation.” The name Bible was adopted by Wickliffe, and came gradually into use in the English language. Interestingly the word ‘Bible’ does not exist in the scripture. The order as well as the number of books differs between the Jewish Bible, the Protestant and Roman Catholic versions of the Bible. This is eduction, learning about Bible , its relationship with Jesus Christ & Christianity. Keep reading >>>>
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  1. Why Scripturs?
  2. History
  3. Introduction
  4. Critical Analysis
  5. Preface to RSV Bible - Confirms Scriptural Errors 
  6. Problems in Bible
  7. Christ & Christianity
  8. Jesus, Christianity, Bible
  9. Bible Myths & Other Religions
  10. Bible RSV
  11. Bible Summary
  12. Biblical Unitarian
  13. Gospel of Barnabas
  14. Hebrew Bible Tanakah
  15. Women Inferiority 
  16. Bible: Myths and their Parallels in other Religions : http://goo.gl/JV5H2
  17. Bible: Questionable Precepts: http://t.co/jO5UfC6
  18. Faith or Works?
  19. Jesus & Divinity
  20. Jesus, Bible & Christianity
  21. Paul founder of Christianity
  22. Rebuttals
  23. Trinity
  24. The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (The Jefferson Bible) by Thomas Jefferson
  25. List of Contradictions of Jesus by Paul to make New Theology
  26. True Message of Jesus Christ and Perversion by Paul
  27. Jesus is not God : Proved through 90 verses from Bible
  28. Why Jesus did not Say, “I am God” ?
  29. Paul of Tarsus & his Theology opposed to Jesus Christ
  30. Love Thy Neighbor Explained
  31. Thomas Jefferson’s secret Bible of Jesus's Moral code
  32. Bible: Myths and their Parallels in other religions By T. W. Doane
  33. The Trinity
  34. Bible: Myths, Contradictions, inconsistencies and More ..
  35. Trinity, Divinity of Jesus Christ - Biblical Arguments Refuted
  36. Christian Doctrines: Analysis
  37. Gospel of Barnabas
  38. Jesus, Christianity & Bible